Sony looks like they have a exclusive that many have gotten behind. I’m really glad for them. I personally have never wanted to play this game but the  more that I find out about the story plot and the things that are going on I feel and see that obvious anti Christian view taken with most movies and books. This whole thought that the church(or religious order) is evil therefore hence God is and the hero being the one that stand against its direction and rebels against authority(this means God). People cheer this thought over and over again until it cost them something or someone that they love. We scream “God bless” and or “In God we trust” but this is only until God is against things we like doing or makes us uncomfortable to live with ourselves. Then it becomes a theme that we feel we can make up as we go. We feel we can design God to fit our thoughts. We make excuses for our ways, thoughts, and lifestyle like a game. We make quotes like “it’s just a game” when it time to play things like this and or other games like GTV while laughing as we  stab a prostitute and stump her in her head after paying for a oral sex in the car. All this and you wonder why God is removed from schools, why children are rapping other children, why your 9 year old has a std, and why adults are blowing up blocks and snipping random people from a distance. We feel no remorse because we have no soul left because we have thrown away our principles and Faith to the “god of this system”. I guess because Sony is a Japanese company they push more of these types of games but I am getting sick of the games that have this theme. Now if you are fine with this game I’m happy for you. I’m not telling you want to do with your money but I can tell you on personal experience that sony had a game on the ps3 that you have to preform worship of a false god with your character to move on the the next chapter. Needless to say that game ended right there and was traded in. On the ps4  right now we have a game coming out that you get a chance to be a god and create life. I’m just sick of this theme and think they should just leave religious stuff out of games period. That means any form of worship, Christian or Pagan. But hey, that’s just me. Christ dying for me isn’t a Game nor was it fun! I’m not going to allow a video game to make lite of this or compromise my belief. You can have all the fun you want, good luck.