I said I didn’t feel Sony was going to put much effort into this game when this image was released last year.

I was watching someone play the new MLB 15 but didn’t know it until I saw the pause menu. The guy I guess got it early and was playing it on twitch. To me it looked just like the MLB 14 I own and played last season. The Show 14 was a good start for ps4 but I was expecting a lot more from them. I’m not saying it doesn’t look good because 14 looks good. I was just hoping for graphics better than last year not just lighting and shadows changes. Oh yeah they have equipment add on like sleeves and Nike brand gloves(something that could have been added with a update). I will say that it seemed to have less drop of frame rate over last year’s game but again, that was something that could be added with a update of software firmware. I bring this up because I see what I have hoped I wouldn’t see, laziness. It’s something you see out of developers and game companies when they feel they have no competition. Being the only true baseball game they have the option of just sitting things out and reusing the graphics over and over again with minor lighting tweaks as their goals. Will I still buy? Of course! I have been waiting on this new game if for nothing more than to have a good game (for me) to play on the ps4 finally this year. I’m sure others have found others to play out there but I haven’t really found anything myself this far. So this game will be a water in the desert for me and my ps4 experience. I will admit the more I play show 14 and then looking at videos on show 15, the more I feel confident in not getting something truly different once it hits my TV. I hope I’m wrong though.