Well to continue my reviews of different items for your guys I decided to pick up the nexus 9. Right off the bat I want to say that I haven’t had a tablet for some time. I let go of my Samsung tab. That tablet was probably the best looking tablet or any device that I’ve had with a screen period.  Coming from the Tab s 8.4 to this was a big drop off. There is no way around it, it just doesn’t seem to have the same look for the screen graphics. The colors look really dull and lacking. So getting use to this was a challenge at first.  After about a day or two I’m sure it will be OK to deal with. But then something happened that didn’t happen with the Samsung 8.4. I could actually use it without frustrating myself. Every single time I used the Tab s I had problems just inputting and typing on it. The bezel or lack thereof, made the device look amazing but at the same time it made it almost impossible to type on and navigate at times without touching and interfering with motions on the touch screen.  It didn’t have the accidental touch rejection the iPad had so without the bezels it was near impossible not to touch the screen. That issue hurt everything I did with the tablet.  So basically it didn’t really matter how good the graphics were I simply couldn’t use the unit. With the nexus 9 however I have a bezel I can rest the outer part of my palm against it while typing. This makes everything useful and very convenient.  The use of this thing so far has been flawless. No lag whatsoever and the text is about 281ppi so this means I can use this as a tablet and ereader with no reading issues. Next up is the size of the screen. 8.4 inches was nice and I thought it was the limit of what I wanted but it wasn’t.  8.9 is now my perfect size limit for tablets. I still can’t take huge tablet and see no purpose for them. But this size does everything so well. Best of all the look I have isn’t locked in. I can customize things the way I like and I love that.


It’s android not apple.  I love the screen color changes, the background that I can see without a million icons everywhere, and love the widgets. My production apps perform very well and give me everything I need. Personally I can’t remember having a better, more useful, and powerful unit in my hands. Everything is just better. Now I heard and saw people having problems with the unit when first released before the updates but I guess that’s a good reason to wait. I saw people that had scrolling issues and slow movements. I haven’t had one issue of slowness. On the web the surfing and speeds of Web page loads is fast and smooth as butter to scroll. So I think for those of you who felt that you wanted it but felt that it had too many issues I think it’s ready now. Another concern people had was the black versions figure print and smudges. Now I have to admit that when I saw them online I was very disgusted with what I saw on the black version. So I went with the white version. Boy I’m glad I did. This back doesn’t get effected nowhere near as much and it’s backing is made better as it has stronger support. It doesn’t flex like the black one’s do and it looks very much like a high quality piece of tech. As you can tell I’m liking this unit thus far. I hope it will continue to get better for me the more I use it and get use to the advancement. I haven’t had a useful tablet for a while and I believe this will be the one that helps me get back into the swing of things. So more testing is needed for the next couple of days or weeks.  More to come soon..

Update for the weekend getaway use:

OK this weekend was really busy. I had church stuff and we boxed up over 10,000 meals for kids around Memphis. I however got to use the tablet for a bit though. It came in handy with my planning and info I needed to gather. It came in handy when I needed to get away for a bit too. I also found some great apps to help make things my own in both look and feel. I found reading a book form it was surprising good. I never would have thought that this size unit would serve as a good e-reader experience but it does. And again I want to mention how impressed I was with the white version of this tablet as opposed to the black version. It just seems to have much more of a quality feel for it. It’s light weight but sold still. I did however find a concern that I was able to change however. That problem was the charging. It took forever to charge. I thought it was because I was excited but it wasn’t. It took like hours for it to charge from just 50% when I first got it. And when I say hours I mean hours. Like at least almost 3 hours. I can’t tell you the last time I had to charge an electronic that long to get a half of a charge. I did my research and found suggestion that required me to reprogram the unit…NOT. Then I found actual common sense people that found out it was the simply the cord. So I changed the cord out of the charger and it worked. No more slow charging! Much better than messing around with the programing. So with that first trouble averted I can rest a little more knowing that all I have to do is really play and push it and find out what works and doesn’t. One app I found to be a amazing fit was the app called Gravity screen. It basically turns off your screen when you lay the tablet down and or prevents it from turning off awhile you are using it or reading from it. Basically with the” tap to turn on” feature and Gravity screen I never use my power button. Sweet!! More to come soon.