I remember a while back when Playstation pushed that it was a gaming system and Xbox one was more of a multimedia system. Fans supported this cry and shouted it from roof top to roof top. Fast forward today and we don’t hear those shouts anymore. Instead what you have a console system that has pushed out more media based upgrades and add-on’s than the supposed media entertainment device. Those same shouts are silenced by cheers that media add-on’s are great now that their system is getting them. Me however have always been about the total package. A console should do both and be good at doing both in my opinion. So when Powers was announced I have to say I was a little worried about it. I just didn’t have faith that Sony could all of sudden create for a area they claim they were never focused on. Also, I have to admit the character they picked to play the roles didn’t look like very good actors. They still aren’t… but they aren’t as bad as I thought. This is mostly do to a decent story plot and antagonist played characters. Being this is the beginning,  and if Sony gives them another season, I can see how this plot can grow and be something very good for Sony and the fans of the show. But this show will need support and viewership. Most importantly money,  something Sony doesn’t have a lot of. So while I’m very impressed with the show and will continue to watch it I am worried about the lifespan of it. One season quitters aren’t what I want to see.