Now I heard of the controller being ran by replaceable batteries as a negative. I heard of fear of spygate for the kinect. I have heard of the Xbox one not being small enough to carry around and many, many more. Of all these complaints none of them were justified nor had anything to do with the operation of the Xbox one as a system. The latest complaint was that someone feels Microsoft needs to be blamed for making the Xbox one use too much electrical power. Dude give me a break. I guess Microsoft haven’t had any complaints about it for too long so the media needed something to talk about negatively. There isn’t one person I have ever seen or witness that plays games that looks for how much power the console uses while they are playing. Nobody checks the electrical bill for price comparison before they bought the Xbox one Vs after. No true gamer cares for these things. If you can’t afford the electrical bill without having to complain about the electrical consumption of a mere console effecting your bill then you probably can’t afford the console in the first place and should be spending your money on more important things if it’s that crucial. But most importantly it’s not a big issue for the majority of the users of consoles.