Why oh why do you guys let the media get you all upset and ready to fight over something that has already been proven time and time again false? The thought that somehow resolution difference really can be seen is a joke. Gamespot already proved this stuff false and yet not two months later we are hear again forgetting already that this was laid to rest. You can not see a true difference, you only see or look for what you want to or what you are told to see. Here a little secret that most media sites that support the ps4 don’t want to admit, every single video you have seen pretty much on the amazing graphics of the Witcher 3 were xbox one  versions of the the game. And no matter how beautiful the game was the ps4 sites would never state it because they knew they were using xbox one video to show the game. They didn’t look at the game and say I’m disappointed in the graphics? If there was weakness in the graphics why didn’t they see it or comment on in? Come on people just look at the scene above. Are you going to tell me that when you look at this scene that somehow because someone “TOLD” you it was 900p that this makes this scene and graphics weak now?? Wake up people, stop being puppets. I don’t care if that scene was from a 600p video resolution. It’s beautiful and that is all that matters. Being told about the resolution numbers doesn’t do anything but make those who in doubt or insecure about their choices fight over crap that doesn’t matter. If you are told something exist that already exist what’s the point? How can it make it exist more? It can’t, anymore than being told something doesn’t exist that you’re holding in your very hand.