Being a dual console owner I have a lot of advantages that single console owners don’t have. These advantages I don’t take lightly. I feel blessed to have both consoles. Being a blogger and reviewer I have seen the best of both consoles and the worst. When Microsoft does questionable things I call them on it. When they do great things I give them credit for those.  When Ps4 does questionable things I call them on them and when they do great things I call them on those. For most out there my joys for ps4 of lately have been surprisingly media base not game based. As I have reported most of all my games were either disappointments or pushed back til next year. So when “Powers”, “play and resume” and now Spotify hit ps4 I have to say I am loving it. Spotify is a huge pick up exclusive for Playstation. It is The best music streaming period in my opinion and to be added to a game console give juice to that console over all other options or combinations. To there credit these things work unlike a lot of older add on software packages they have released in the past. Now I hear even the pre ordering and pre downloads work like they are suppose. So MLB 15 the show is up for this option for me.. and what do you know, it worked and it started downloading. Impressed I am… very impressed finally. Finally Playstation is starting to shape up lately. Do I have faith this will continue? Nope, but at least I can enjoy it while it last. I’m sure we are just a couple of days at the most weeks away from a hack, network down or crash. But if it never happens I can only be surprised, right? More and more Playstation is finally showing it potential for features and is starting to compete with Microsoft and their feature rich set of apps and abilities. I love competition.  I win, no matter what.