Well I can’t say I wasn’t worried a little about the worth of the game. It really didn’t look all that different from last year. I was hoping for more than just lighting changes and a different number added to the box. So far I can say I got it. The game’s feel is completely different. It has better and smoother feel overall along with better animation. The cut down on some of the lag in the frame rate during cut scenes like batter walk up routines or pitcher routines between pitches. Another thing right away that I noticed is the load times are way better this year over last. They also added better physics to the game. The overall feel just sits perfectly with the controller. It’s like a completely different game feel when you play MLB 14 vs 15. I haven’t tested the online play because I don’t like playing online so you will have to ask others about the online experience as most that I have heard don’t expect a good experience but maybe they will be surprised. I personally never played one game online last year for MLB but I heard it was terrible so cross your fingers.