Why on why do people let the internet do this to you? Witcher 3 will be a great selling game and great reviewed game for both consoles. I’m not yet sure about the bases of the game so can’t say I will play it but I will say they will look good regardless of the game console. Too many people fight over things that have little weight or difference in the end of the day. Dragon age inquisition was the same exact difference in resolution.  As you can tell above, digital foundry already tested both and the image above shows very little to almost no difference at all between the versions. Maybe if you look hard enough for them you can find subtle difference that make the ps4 a hair better but for the most part the difference doesn’t warrant the fight or pride for one version over the other. Both Witcher 3 and Dragon age both are open world games so you can’t lie to yourself and say this isn’t a fair comparison. This is what the difference between 900p vs 1080p looks like. So being this is it I’m sure you can agree that whatever difference exist it really doesn’t make the difference people claim to see. If you have the Xbox one and this is a game for you then get it.  If you have the ps4 and this is the game for you then get it. Stop letting the media hype you up to fight over something as meaningless as resolution differences especially when it’s 900p vs 1080p.