Woah Dave for the ps4??? Are you kidding me!! I didn’t buy a ps4 so I can play cellphones or 8 bit games on it. If that was the case I wouldn’t have brought one in the first place. If you are into these games fine, but they should be design for the platform it was intended to run on. Playstation plus is a paid access, so it should give free games based on the format. If you are playing a vita it should have games for it only. If you are playing a ps3 then the free games should fit the format of ps3’s power. And of course if you are playing on the ps4, then the free games should fit the power of the ps4. That’s the perk of being a member and spending up to 400 bucks on a console. I’m tired of them giving us scraps pretending it’s steak. Where are more free ps4 games that are worthy to be called ps4 games?