First off I would like to first say congrats to both microsoft and Sony for this new generation of consoles they have released. Unlike the haters out there I have had great joy of playing with both. Both are true powerhouses for the respective companies. Both have their ups and downs at times and have manage to prove that they have done better already with the sales of the current system outpaces the sales of the old. All fans should have and see happiness somewhere in their consoles. If you are a dual owner like me then we really have enjoyments one way or another. A lot of things have happen since the launch. Lots of changes and add on’s have made the console that launched last year a different console from the one we have now. Both consoles have become better for it. So with that said let’s look at things now. I have seemly played xbox one much more than my ps4. This is solely credited to Microsoft for their stealer lineup of exclusive since launch and their partnership with EA. However since the launch of MLB recently and the completion and evolution of Driveclub I have to say things have pick up most enjoyably for my ps4 play time. Most of all the awaited games for ps4 got pushed back leaving really nothing left for me this year but third party games. This is where ps4 will make playing still more competitive for me. Mortal kombat just will feel better with dual shock controllers. Batman, another game I have almost no hope for on any other format but ps4. Metal gear will again be better on ps4 along with final fantasy 15. They are both Japanese game developers and they seem to alway make a huge deliver on ps4 and barely try for Xbox one. So this above any other reason makes these games a must for ps4. But then we have Smite and Elite dangerous for Xbox one. Smite might be a bit much for me and my convictions. However elite dangerous is right where it’s at for me. I’m not going to say this game will be better the eve valkerie, mainly because I know it won’t be.  However, waiting for next year means xbox one elite dangerous will be the only one out of its kind this year so it’s a mute point to look at which is better. Then we get to the intangibles. Ps4 has Spotify!! I repeat again, it has Spotify! The best add on app for me in the history of consoles next to Netflix. Microsoft on the other hand has something Sony has never had, networking power and security. After hearing Sony tell yet another innocent fan tough luck about his $600 hack it reminded me again of the importance of a strong network. So where do we stand in the face of this stuff? For me nothing has changed about my opinion on ps4, never has and never will. Ps4 will be the most dominate best selling console in history. I told everyone this long before the launch of the system and still stand by this. Xbox one however is the best buy on the market in the States. It will be the most supported platform by the company that made it than any other in history of game consoles. You will see things made for Xbox one, support for it, and innovation that be far and away anything seen before. This however, will never give microsoft the worldwide lead for console sales. In fact nothing they can do for the entire generation will catch them up to ps4. Fans better get use to this 2nd place area because it’s going to be the home for at least the next 4 years. Does this mean that Microsoft failed? By no means. Microsoft only needs to sale more xbox one’s than 360’s in its first 5 years on the market to be a success. This is being done now and will be done by the time 5 years hit. So the future is bright for both in sales. Ps4 however still will be the greater sale for fans. So what to expect? Gears of War possibly for this year for X1. Strong Christmas sales for Xbox one over ps4. The ps4, next year with the lineup they pushed back will be a massive force for 2016. They will stay above water due to the third party resolution and other factors the sway many to buy a ps4 over xbox one. This will sustain them until exclusives hit next year. Because of this direct x12 will not be a factor to any 3rd party developers because if they make it with direct x12 then it won’t work for ps4. So with the ps4 being the head this will force developers to continue to use direct x 11. This will lead microsoft to making first party games use direct 12 with only minor advantages though seen. Ps4 will announce a price drop finally and it will continue destroy microsoft’s in worldwide in even greater numbers. This again will fuel the fanboys and numbers making it even more harder for Microsoft to come back. At the end of the day Microsoft will remain 2nd place. So with that said what would I recommend as a dual console owner who plays xbox one more. Honestly this hasn’t changed either. Buy a ps4! That’s right, I said buy a ps4! I understand most people’s wish to get what is popular and the one that will stand out more in new reports. I also understand that ps4 will have a more diverse lineup for all ages. Lastly ps4 has more global sales areas in the world and this make developers push for them especially if it’s easier to program for. At the end of the day I push what I feel will sale the most and even though I enjoy my xbox one gaming better I understand not many will see like I do, so why waste time telling you get a xbox one. Most people will enjoy the ps4 more, so they should get it and be done with it.