See this badge? It’s not the type of badge seen very often on the ps4 side of things. That’s including the playstation plus which I faithfully pay. However, it is seen often on the xbox one side. Why? Because they give back! Even today I can find games like fifa 15,madden 15 , nba live 15 , and Dragon age for 50% off. On the ps4 side of things everyone of these games still cost $59.99. Games like Madden NFL 15 after the season is over shouldn’t be $59.99 anywhere in my opinion but that’s another story. But let’s not stop here. Xbox one, on top of the discounts have the Gold membership required for these sales at discounted rates too. At different times times throughout the year you can pick up a membership either free for a year or 50% off. Then you can really get crazy with EA membership for 15 bucks and get most of these games for free, if not all. I mean it’s really shocking to see a company that isn’t number one give you so much back to the fans for our support. The biggest key is that this is being done for the fans that already have the xbox one. These deals don’t apply to those who don’t own one. So you can’t blame it on the fact that Microsoft is trying to get people to buy. They are taking care of the fans they have. When will Sony get this and give back more to their fans other than mobile games to play on their New Gen hardware?