Project Cars! The words bring sure delight to my ears and the visuals bring amazing dreams to reality for racing games. Project Cars could be the Grand turismo of this New Gen. That’s right I said. Pro.C being compared to GT! I say this because honestly speaking this game seems to have it all. Interesting enough though, it also seems to have things that hurt a lot of fanboys attitudes about their consoles and or choice in game hierarchy. Here’s what I mean.

Now these videos shows off the ps4 and xbox version of Project Cars. The graphics look amazing and could be even better than Driveclub, the game most say is the best looking game on the planet. So why is that a issue? Because, this game looks exactly the same on xbox one(the inferior console) for starters. And if Pro.c is truly the best driving game created and best visuals where does that put the fanboy lies and beliefs about their console being the most powerful? Pro.c when it hits will effectively shut up the biased remarks about the xbox one inability to match ps4 as now a third party game has reached graphics highs of the mountain ps4 fans were told could only be reached by them. Not only REACH it but exceeds it. For Xbox one fans this provides huge pressure for the new Forza Motor sports. How on earth can they beat this effort by Pro.c? If they can’t it really makes no sense to come out. Neither ps4 nor xbox one has anything on the shelves right now that can handle the sure number of cars, tracks, and graphics Pro.c is delivering on. So with both franchises having their exclusive games in the same genre as defining points for their power, Pro.C just effectively erases that point as a third party developer. This could be the first third party game bigger in power, scale, and graphics than anything the consoles first party can duplicate. And that, my friends, places Sony and Microsoft uncharted water thanks to a third party game calles Project Cars.