Ps4 seems to be recovering very nicely from the let downs of delayed exclusives. They have focused on the ones they did have MLB the Show, Driveclub and Bloodborne and have made the best of it. But probably the most important thing they have done is continued their dominate ways of third party sales. Mortal kombat x is out and most people have chosen their format as the ps4. Even when on twitch you can very rarely see on day one that few people are using the xbox one for this game. Ps4 version are up everywhere and I don’t think this will change. The sure amount of people available for the ps4 format is starting to catch up on third party game sales for Sony. The good news bad news issue for Microsoft is that this third party game wasn’t a weak resolution issue or assumption thing. People just want this game more on the ps4 and or more people have ps4 and are buying the game there. I fear the same thing could be done for project cars too even though I believe the xbox one controller is better for driving games. Ironically enough this is probably why most would pick mortal kombat x. The ps4 controller has always been the fighters choice for use. If you have both consoles I would suggest you pick the ps4 too. Graphically I don’t know there is a difference because you can’t tell on twitch very well but to my knowledge on paper their are the same 1080p 60fps. So if you have only the xbox one you will be getting a sweet game regardless. The game graphics are amazing and the game play has depth, it will probably win  the fighting game of the year. Stop waiting and go get the game if you are fan and don’t mind violence to the extreme.