Both videos show off great graphics although not the final build which will have higher frame rate(30fps on this video). The biggest thing shown is the fact that the xbox one version looks amazingly stunning as the supposed weak version. This is not to say that the ps4 version won’t be amazing. But this video I believe was put out to show that the resolution difference doesn’t define the graphics overall look. One thing they did mention though was the concern that the xbox one version of the game had control issues that they believe will be worked out by the time launch comes. Overall based on the two videos that xbox one video look way better but I believe this had to do with the track, cars, and time of day(with amazing sun flairs) on the xbox one version vs the ps4 high noon and rain. This is really good news for Xbox one fans and yet another example how resolution numbers don’t define the game. I believe the only thing they said was that there may be less grass in areas than compared to the ps4. This would show off the horse power of the ps4 being better and all but honestly folks who is going to race around track counting the amount of grass areas? Both console will get a great car game, probably the best ever created and I can’t wait to play. But make no mistake about it, the ps4 will sale more and still be placed as a superior version regardless of the overall graphic look of the xbox one.