I always like starting off by saying I’m a dual console owner. My want is for all to benefit from Microsoft and Sony giving us their all in hopes to winning us over. March Npd numbers aren’t out but I have little hope that xbox one beat ps4 in March nor will they do it in April. This is just honesty. Most that know me can confirm that I have enjoyed my time with my xbox one more than my time with my ps4 overall. This is also just honesty. On paper none of these consoles statuses make sense. But the ps4 is the most unusual and strange of the two. Ps4 breaks all current understanding of the market success and creates it’s own. I can’t remember seeing the most expensive console on the market, with the most problems with network and security, less features, less money to spend, in debt by billions, and less exclusives year and year; dominate none stop. I mean everything points to ps4 as a failure but it’s not. Yet we have xbox one giving the best of both entertainment and exclusive gaming titles year and year , with the best price between the two, given AAA games away, and having the most secure gaming network still and still fall behind ps4. Some will say it’s a resolution thing but I don’t think that’s it. Others can say it’s because microsoft messed up in the beginning but that’s not it either. Yes, I understand it’s the most powerful gaming console in the world. But this can’t be the only reason either. Frankly I don’t know what it is. I am blessed enough to have both and have my seasons where I will play one more than the other. Right now I’m playing the ps4 more thanks to MLB and Mortal Kombat but this could easily change once Elite Dangerous comes out for the Xbox one. So I get to swap my favorite console in and out when I feel. But I still find it strange why I like the ps4 at times over the Xbox one as well others. Did ps4 make a deal with the devil or is it just fate? I predicted they would be the best selling console of all time but I truly didn’t think it would be this way despite all the issues I mentioned above, yet here it still stands #1. So I suggest to all out there if you are on the fence, ps4 will be the first place to start if you can’t get both but if you can get them, then get them both. But, numbers don’t lie, ps4 is dominating so you would be wise to start there for your console needs.