It’s a sad but true statement. Like I said last year during Christmas microsoft and supports should enjoy their time because things were going back they were before Christmas come January. And what do you; they did. But the worse part is that Sony not only took back over npd Stats for hardware but Software as well. This is something that is the key to all things in their lead. If you merely sales hardware the software developers aren’t impressed nor are they in favor of you. But if you can do both then it proves you truly are dominate. Yes ps4 leads worldwide and there is nothing microsoft can do about that but ps4 is leading on microsoft’s home turf over and over again. There truly isn’t anything I can give as a solution to help microsoft . This just is flat out dominance by ps4. Microsoft of course focused on their positives and the fact that they have done better than the 360 at this same time and the amount of time their owners spend playing games. While this is commendable and all its not worth much in the eyes of the consumers. All they see is ps4 dominating xbox one over and over and over again. The scariest thing is that ps4 has yet done a price cut and are the most expensive of the two and yet microsoft can’t even beat them in the States with free games and all the other things they offer. I think it’s just about over for any hopes of turning this thing around if this doesn’t change before Christmas.