OK if you look at this third comparison, which I believe represents the closest true comparison right now, the ps4 wins. When I say wins I mean “if I had to pause and look at the game critically. Maybe it’s the 900p vs 1080p thing, although I’m not sure xbox one is really at 900p and I think it’s under 1080p but not as low as 900p. Bottom line it’s not the magic number people need to hear to make themselves feel better. So to be neutral, even if its not, the winner still is ps4. The textures and blacks levels seem to be more defined and this results in better lighting and colors. Keep in mind this isn’t by much but if you had to find out which is the best looking it’s there where you will find the ever so slight differences. I myself have the ps4 as I have mentioned and found the graphics absolutely stunning. Going from this to the xbox one’s graphics would be noticed by me and others. You will know something is off. You might not be able to clearly explain what but you will notice it after playing mortal kombat on the ps4 for a while. Same can be said about the xbox one version. You would notice something a bit more richer and or a bit more crisp if you jumped to the ps4. But if you only have one console there is no way on earth you are going to be disappointed by the graphics of this game on either console.

Here is ps4 vs the pc version too.

At the end of the day there is no way around it. All ps4 fans are right about the ps4 being superior in graphics. This is clearly a fact now more than ever before. Xbox one users can’t say its only because it’s harder to program for anymore. There is just too many games having the same problems. Batman, project cars, Mortal Kombat x, Witcher 3, etc etc. List keeps getting bigger and bigger. This will not change with direct 12 either. Why? Because ps4 isn’t compatible with it and if not then developers have to remove them from the production (not going to happen)or spend crazy amounts of money on separate teams and extra hours. They aren’t going to do this when the simple solution is to stick with direct x11
because both are compatible with this.

The xbox one fans however are right about things when they say the difference aren’t really worth bragging about as the xbox one versions are graphically beautiful still and they have the best lineup for exclusives and are the better bang for your buck. Once all are honest with their consoles strengths and weaknesses we can move forward. But this will never happen. Human nature looks for confirmation on their direction. If both consoles were equal in graphics people would find differences in the outward appearance or the controller to claim their superiority. If they had the same controller and look they would find sound or noise differences. If not that something else. I mean it just goes on and on.