It’s a real shame that people do this. Based on my experience with both console I have seen this issue with people doctoring game comparison so much that I hate posting them. You never know who is telling the truth. Most of the time if not all the time I have seen over and over where what is shown on these comparison on the xbox one isn’t at all what is shown on my xbox one and tv. So do what you will with the results but I just find it funny that both videos above show the exact opposite with the results of the comparison. The first showed that the xbox one had richer blacks and deeper colors. The second video showed the ps4 having better blacks and richer colors. Based on history alone for these consoles xbox one has had the best black levels and richness of colors. So while I have the ps4 version of the game only I don’t doubt that the xbox one version had the advantage in these departments. One thing they both agreed on was that the xbox one again suffered from not hitting 1080p magic number. Well if the first video is true I wouldn’t care period, in fact make all my games this way if this delivers better blacks and richer colors. But if the second video is telling the truth then this could explain why, if it’s not reaching full 1080p. None the less believe what you want, unless both are set at the exact contrast levels in the beginning of the game( the contrast setter the game shows you at the start of the game) and showed side by side then I wouldn’t believe either one of these videos. Also another thing is for the video to show if deep color options are set for the xbox one(its called pc color for xbox) and ps4. This also has a major effect on color richness and contrast levels.