The ps4 is amazingly the fastest selling console of all time and continues to grow in this department with every month that passes. They dominate worldwide in every game territory. This is fact. However, most ps4 fans spend more and more time defending and advertising their console as the best and feel the need to put down others. I don’t get this? The console is clearly the best selling console and more people support it than any other console for this new generation of consoles. So why would one need to keep shouting it? The console can make its own case with or without the need to argue and put down other consoles. Now this is not to say that some xbox one fans don’t take to forums putting down the ps4 because they do. Then we have the type of people that truly need help as they can’t even acknowledge that the ps4 is the best selling console of this generation. A wise man once said that if you truly are the best you need not tell anyone, success speaks for you. Why do we feel that the only way to truly bring attention to one’s success is to put down the competition? Now if you are just making a subject point on a issue with a console that YOU actually have that’s different. I have always said if a console messes up on something I’m going to call them out on it. If they do something well I’m going to call them out on that too. I give praise to deserving actions by both consoles and at the same time I will not excuse their actions if wrong. Key is, I’m not doing this to help out it’s competitors. I’m fair accross the board because I own both consoles and care more about the games than I do the hardware. If sony nor microsoft don’t sell another piece of hardware this can in no way effect my ability of playing and enjoying my game I have now. If nobody else buys my console of choice it doesn’t make the console anything less than it was when I first decided to buy it. Yes , I talk about sale numbers at times when I need to point out other subjects but these numbers don’t effect my joy of playing games on my system nor does it effects yours. I wonder how many fanboys really understand this principle? Most likely not many. Everyone of us are unique. We all don’t have to follow the same road in order for that road to be the best road for me or you to follow. Others may find other roads more beneficial for them and that’s fine. Let’s just stop putting others down to make the view from up high feel larger than what it is.