Smite is suppose to be a big title for Xbox one. And I’m sure it will be but just like bloodborne I can’t find myself, in good standing with my morals, playing this game. The first time I heard of the game I only saw gameplay of the actions. It wasn’t until I saw the twitch streaming that I realized what was the subject matter. The game is about you picking a false god that was worshiped in the past or maybe even now and play as them against the other false gods of the world in a battle royal of the gods and their followers. As a Christian and based on scripture this isn’t something you play around with. It’s not a game and my Father nor His son’s sacrifice isn’t something I want to put to test by metaphorically becoming a god of which is hated by the One True God not to mention his hatred for those that follow that god. Again, I can’t make your choices for you. I will not condemn those that stand on the other side of this choice as I am not God and it’s not up to me to do so but I can make the choice for me to stand on this side and not evolve myself in matters like this. The company that made this game doesn’t include our Jewish and or Christian faith God or his Son in the game as far as I know. If they did; would this change things for me? More than likely not. Because as far as I am concern there wouldn’t be a fight between My God and false gods. A fight suggest that both sides can actually fight the other. There is no fight against my God or Savior. So that wouldn’t make a very good game. If there is any other results it would definitely be blasphemous. Basically it comes down to the same suggestion,

leave all religion and spirituality out of games.

I’m not even asking for games to include Christianity. I’m merely asking them to return to their roots of leaving religious themes where they belong, out of games and up to the personal lives of the consumers. But this I don’t control either. All I can do is make my choice to move on away from it.