I promise you it feels like these companies both ps4 and xbox one are trading positions on purpose sometimes. But for whatever the purpose or cause Microsoft got caught in a little lie as they posted a video of Witcher 3 for xbox one running 1080p/60fps. Basically they posted the pc version of the game with the xbox logo. This is my first time seeing this from Microsoft so I will give them credit for coming out and confessing this mistake and trying to take care of it but they still left the video running with the disclaimer added that this was the pc version. To me you still are being misleading because you know darn well you can post xbox one footage on your site. It’s not like you can’t get access to any. So leaving it up with a little disclaimer isn’t good enough, just pull it! Why play around, just do it! You already are losing more and more credit about your version already with the spec difference. Why continue to give more ammo for people to hate you.  At the end of the day I don’t believe it was a mistake. I think they purposefully put this video up because they are trying their best to fan out the flames of losing more third party ground for graphics. Like I said when you mess up I’m going to call you on it, and Microsoft you just got called on it.