Well I’m not sure what has happen. I don’t know if it’s a ps4 update that took place or something else. Maybe my tv updated its firmware being that it’s a Sony tv matching with a ps4. Whatever it is I love and hate it. I’m not one of these Sony fanboys that can only see Sony in all that I do. I pick things based on what is good for me at the time. I had Samsung tv’s for years and wanted to try something different so I went with a Sony tv because it looked great and was a cheaper and smarter buy. I didn’t buy it because of its name brand Sony. So having my xbox one and ps4 is a gracious thing for me. I do like both for what they do best.  I don’t wish one over the other even though there is one over the other. The ps4 is just the most dominant console I have ever witnessed.  But in order for the best to happen for gaming I always believed we needed xbox one to remain in the thick of things for gaming to live well. So this doesn’t make me feel great about the total picture and future of gaming for all. However,I am amazed about how high of quality the ps4 has become in all things graphical. It’s like I woke up one day and everything played on the ps4 looked better. I  just now finished watching the Avengers streaming from VUDU and it looked like 4k quality compared to the xbox one. Fifa 15 for Xbox one and ps4 was at one time almost basic mirror images of themselves are not now as the ps4 quality is clearly superior as is every other game I have played the last couple of days. I mean I don’t get it, I truly don’t. Normally I would see such an article and assume they are just seeing what they want or are true ps4 fanboys. But I’m not one of these guys. I truly, all of sudden, within the last couple of days or maybe a week at best have seen a jump in picture quality for everything on my ps4. The jump is big enough to truly see and tell difference that actually exist. To my disclaimer I have an all Sony set up by chance, not planned, so maybe this has a lot to do with it or something. But regardless I’m telling you guys it truly looks better and I’m not sure how it happen or when it occurred. It’s just something that I started noticing more and more until it became too much to ignore.