This is last month example of ps4 domination and it reveals an absolute destruction of xbox one. Ps4 sold roughly 80-90 thousands units a piece in one week in the U.S. and Europe and 45k in Japan. They absolutely dominated even in software as well. I thought selling 70k in Europe was the impressive in the middle of spring and now they killed that number both in the States and Europe. Frankly I give up. I give up trying to understand this and even rationalize it. People keep putting out ways that this will change for Microsoft and as a big supporter of them for myself I see nothing they can do. I already waved the white flag on my last article but then they continued to dominate in numbers and the numbers grew . Now I’m asking for mercy on the behalf of Microsoft. PlayStation needs to slow it down a little and make things at least hopeful in a comical sense at least. I feel bad for myself really as well as Microsoft. Mostly I feel bad for those writers that write absolutely stupid articles like the one released today claiming that “The Cloud” was somehow going to make things better graphically for Microsoft. The Cloud…yes the same”cloud” they claimed was going to make things better on xbox one over the ps4 and haven’t amounted to Jack crap. Cloud use and talks have been out there for over a year and it hasn’t made anything better for Microsoft or their graphics. I wish people would just stop reaching for fantasy miracles solutions. They aren’t there guys. Just stop acting like reality isn’t true. Xbox one isn’t EVER going outsell ps4 globally! Get over it. Stop writing pipe dreams about miracle fixes to make the xbox one graphics better or equal to the ps4. It’s not going to happen. I know how you feel I felt that way too before but I have accepted the truth now, you should too.