Now this demo shown by Microsoft gives you insight on their direction. To be clear this isn’t a VR headset like playstation’s Morpheus. No, this is a hologram headset that is meant to benefit the Windows platform. This is not designed to be a gamers headset but more of a “includes gaming” theme. This is where the ps4’s Morpheus will take and maintain their advantage. The Morpheus is being produced for the ps4 where the Hololens is being produced for Windows. Most people don’t know this or look at this and they should. The next difference that clearly gives ps4 yet another advantage is price. Playstation already had promised to continue their aggressive price structure they showed with the ps4 announcement. They have said that in order to survive VR must be affordable and must have enough content. These things were promised by Sony. However the hololens will make no such promise. In fact it could be the most innovative product since the touch screen phone. So because of this I can pretty much guarante you an expensive price tag to match. So for those who think this will help xbox one sales you are mistaken. Why? Because again, this isn’t a xbox one companion. It’s a windows companion so this means I don’t need a xbox one to use it. This also means that third party developers won’t be designing games for the xbox one with hololens in mind as it will never match anything they can accomplish on both ps4 and xbox one. So nothing special will happen for gaming outside of the screen stretching option or “follow me” option for third party developers. Now first party developers may be different though. But based on recent years the third party games still hold more weight over first party. But to get back to the screen stretching option, this is probably the one option that will make most want the product and yet it will be the most disppointing option in the end. Why? Resolution and clarity on hologram isn’t what one would really use to actually watch anything long term. Nor would it ever replace the tvs or monitors on the market for graphics. The graphics shown on this video demo, while good for examples, won’t be something that can be truly be used to replace what you already have and use for your gaming action. Yes it cool to show off but when it came right down to it, it stops there. I can’t see a hologram ever being good enough to replace straight forward graphics power and pixels produced by monitors or LED or SUHD tvs on the market today. So if you think this will remove the need for a TV, it won’t. Fun fact about holograms, they are transparent in one shape or form. So because of this they will never have the pixel density and clarity of a tv or monitor, they aren’t meant to. So that’s why the expense of this thing and the overall strength just doesn’t play into the hands of the gamers needs. To be honest it’s a product really meant for home interaction and life. I can see it replacing tablet use or pc use for some people as majority of them use them for quick look ups of things while home . This would play nicely with Hololens (if you can afford it). If you can’t ,just wait many will come after this if it’s successful and will be better and more affordable. For now I think Microsoft has a great product on their hands but I am not sold on that product for gaming, at least not to the point that it will help sell consoles or make them better competitors against the ps4 right now. But at e3 maybe more info will come out that will support a better gaming push for the xbox one. I’m not hoping against it but I’m just being honest about not seeing it’s direction benefiting xbox one especially at a high cost right now.