We all have seen the pictures and trailer. The game shown in them looks amazing. Who I’m I kidding? It looked unbelievable. The amount of sure options, track, and detailed cars were at levels we only dreamed about, especially for consoles. But then something happen. People started to get early copies of the game’s final production and started posting them. So, what did we find? Well…what I’m about to say is still yet seen in person but based on steaming videos the game doesn’t beat out Driveclub for the ps4 or Forza 5 for the xbox one. I’m not sure what happen from the graphics above to lack luster graphics like this….



But whatever it is I hope the graphics streaming aren’t the final batch like the posters are saying. Another issue is that for the xbox one, and I hate to say this but it doesn’t even have full replays. Shockingly the xbox one can only replay up to 2:00 minutes of the last race. The ps4 can replay the whole race. Now again, this I hope isn’t the case and maybe the copies these people are playing are early builds and don’t really stand for the final product. But according to the people streaming on Twitch it’s the final build and store copy of both consoles.
Finally of course,most knew already, the level of detail on the xbox one version vs ps4 is going have serious lack of detail. Huge anti aliasing problems on the xbox one vs ps4 smoothed out textures. Then we have the amazingly bad frame rate on the xbox one version vs ps4. Digital foundry posted videos about this and played them side by side and it brought me great sadness to watch a console like my xbox one struggle with this title so badly against the ps4. I mean I know the ps4 is more powerful, more so than ever, but I really thought the xbox one could hold its own when it came down to racing games at least. In fact I really wanted to buy the xbox one version when I first heard about Project Cars. I just feel the controller is great for racing games more so than the ps4. But I really don’t have a choice in the matter now if I want the best Project Cars and other third party titles. But as far as Project Cars hype ,it’s been cut down a bit and I can only hope things aren’t what I have been seeing once I pick it up for the ps4.


Xbox one..

Now looking at this video guys I see nothing the xbox one needs to be worried about. The lighting and graphics look top notch. It looks just as good as anything that I have seen on videos on ps4.


Now on this video you see the day change effects and realistic graphics that make your mouth water. Much better than the still shots and other streaming videos I have seen on ps4. Why? I have no idea.

Pc vs ps4 vs xbox one…

Finally we have yet another video showing different graphics comparisons of pc, ps4, Xbox. Clearly you see very bad anti aliasing and overall graphics for the xbox one. But this was not seen on the first video above. So what gives???I don’t know who to believe guys. I’m more to inclined to believe the first video on the xbox one than this comparison and the video of the ps4 over the stills above. But then again it just may be wishful thinking.