It took a while but I think we finally all agree with the exception of some blind fanboys that ps4 is clearly the best console of this generation. With every passing game like Project Cars and soon to be released Witcher 3 we see over and over again that things have gone well pass not being familiar with the hardware to flat out lack of power as the only issue stopping developers on xbox one. The ps4 is the smartest and most powerful console ever designed. Things are continually lacking for the xbox one releases in comparison of the ps4. As a fan of the xbox one I’m not blind to this and clearly accept that it’s just not better nor will it ever be on par with the ps4. As a dual console owner I’m fine with it because I don’t miss anything that comes out for either of the consoles. But the reality is that my xbox one will suffer greatly for third party games, while it will succeeds in first party titles. Problem is that my biggest title Quantum Break isn’t coming this year at all. So basically Tomb Raider and Elite Dangerous are the ones I will have to depend on. And yes they are great games but the two of them won’t make up for all the other third party games that will play and look better on the ps4 over its competitor, the X1. Simply put I don’t plan on buying anymore games for the xbox one but three for the next two years and that’s sad( Quantum break , Tomb raider, and Elite dangerous). In a perfect world or at least in the world I would like to live in the xbox one would be king and have the better line up of third party games and first party while the ps4 stayed neck and neck with them in sales pushing both companies to do major things for fans to help bring  in and keep them happy. But unfortunately this world doesn’t exist. This gaming world has belonged to ps4 from the very start. Only now it’s about seeing and knowing that the xbox one doesn’t have enough to beat them as a clear revelation with no more excuses. Ps4 claimed it was the most powerful console ever made and they were telling the truth. Have you ever heard xbox one president or heads challenge those words? Nope, you never will because they know it’s true too.