Well if you have Project Cars by now you already know it’s the deepest racer ever released on console or pc. The graphics are very beautiful and customization is unlike anything you have seen. Because this game was created by real drivers though, use of a controller like most console drivers use isn’t the best feel out of the box. Well there is hope. Here is a video to help get rid of those bad driving mechanics you find your car doing by itself. I tried these exact settings and it’s a thousand % better than it was out of the box. I’m sure some people can make other changes latter for themselves but this video definitely gives you the feel most of us can use for most cars in the game. Keep in mind this video helps the xbox one the most as I hear they have a harder time controlling the cars from first install. I have the ps4 and I could make it around the track without spinning out but it didn’t feel stable. Now it’s perfect for me using same setup (I left my force feedback on, the video guy didn’t). Hope this helps guys.