No, this isn’t a April’s fools joke. Xbox one took back home with its console lead award for the month April over the Ps4 in the States. Now we can look at this in two different ways. One we can happen for Microsoft, I know I am. Great job to pull up in your backyard. This is a show of will in your home.Two, we can be pretty sad that Microsoft is being so badly defeated that we have to focus on only one region’s monthly figure to brag about Microsoft’s victory when they have absolutely no chance at worldwide challenges. Honestly is funny. How did we go from total number of sales worldwide to just focusing on one regions monthly figures? What’s really going on is that everyone knows the race is over now they are focused on smaller victories. I’m just honest, it’s pretty pathetic that we have to make ourselves proud of one regions while we loose every other region by landslides. I wouldn’t dare even fix my mouth to brag about one months victory in my own region that supports me as all others turn their back against me. As a xbox one owner we should just be grateful  about whatever sales we get but stay in full understanding that our one region will never give us the war, even if we win every single month in the U.S alone from here on through the next 5 years. It not enough folks, it’s mathematically impossible to win if we only sale in the U.S well. If Microsoft and Xbox One do ever catch up to worldwide sales then and only then can we start to be brag about them. Let’s face it, truth is.. ps4 has yet done one price cut yet. All it take to crush xbox one all over again is those magical numbers “$359.99” or less to be said at e3 and it’s over, yet again, mic drop!