The debate has lasted for ages it seems. Ps4 is better in graphics” , “No xbox one is just as good, overall better and more stable”. Well I am starting to wonder. If there was no difference in third party games would people still pick ps4. The answer is yes I’m afraid. People’s assumptions,  even if true or false, rule their logical belief. If they claims something is better they will see something that is better even if not there. Now I’m not saying xbox one is just a good as ps4 in graphics because it’s not. But I have said and still say that the difference are only relevant if you have both consoles and HAVE to decide which to buy for. There is no way I’m going to set it tell you that you won’t enjoy your games on the xbox one simply because it was said to have weaker graphics for the game your enjoying. Who care what others say. If you are enjoying your game don’t listen. When you look on the screen all you are going to see is beautiful graphics. The ps4 may have slightly better graphics but it’s not something you are going to witness if you have only one console. And as a dual console owner myself it’s not that big of a difference, trust me. Stick with what you have. Whatever little difference exist it’s not worth letting you console go for crap money just to start over. In fact after a week or two the graphic difference you might find won’t be apparent anymore to your eye so what’s the point? I have fifa 15 for example. Yes the ps4 motion is better on intro and more vibrant slightly but right now I can’t tell you I still that  advantage as I only play my ps4 right now. I can’t even remember what looked so different on the ps4 over the Xbox one even though I saw it weeks ago. All I remember is that it looked slightly better. Other than that I enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed playing the xbox one version. So don’t freak out over sales, reviews, or comparisons. It’s about you.