This game is everything one could legitamitely ask for a race game. I am blowed away at the realism of the AI, Game setup, features, cars, graphics, sound, and customization offered on this game. This game is amazing! It? s absolutely Crack on wheels playing on a ps4 and or xbox one.


I can say now after more and more hours into this game that this is confirmed greatness. It’s a “Once and a life time” game that changes it all. Grand turismo and Forza have been put on notice here. I’m not sure anyone knows how to beat such a game. And I know I said Driveclub is still the best “looking” game period but I would say this game is .5 away from tying that crown. But as far a driving games as a whole, there is no equal to this game!
Digitalcrack review score 9.5/10