OK I’m going to go ahead and get this out of the way now. Sony, I would like to formally apologize for stupidity and my unbelief. I personally thought that god of war would be a joke and a waste of time to just bring over to the ps4. This video shows off this great looking title  coming this year for the ps4. This game looks like it was built for the ps4, not merely ported. It is truly something unexpected by me. I thought this was going to be another “Last of us” type upgrade, which was very minor and a waste. But not this title. This one looks like a brand new game and personally speaking unless you played this particular god of war over and over you would have thought this was a new god of war done for the ps4. I had no earthly idea they were going to lay it down like this. This port, if one can call it that, is one of the best looking games out now, created and designed for the ps4 in stores now. This says a lot about the power of that system. It would not shock me if this isn’t a big hit at all. Looks like xbox one won’t will have to compete exist a big name exclusive.