To every story there are good and bad moments through them. No matter how big or small they are, they still exist. The xbox one is no different. The xbox one is a very good console with an amazing head, Phil Spencer, as its head. They had a horrible start thanks to greedy and cowardly software developers. The same ones that pushed for Drm for this generation and once microsoft saw this planned ahead for it, they cowardly backed out of it thanks to fans back lashing. Think about it. Why would a hardware developer care about software profits and losses on trade in games. They don’t. Microsoft was thrown under the bus because none of those complaining software companies stood by their statements and complaints. They all backed out leaving Microsoft , that was smart enough to plan ahead, stuck with the used gun as the vilian. Meanwhile Sony, who didn’t plan for such things and knew they had problems with developers, who wanted these measures in place for drm, because they didn’t have a legitimate way of setting up their console to work with drm. So what did they do? They flipped it and turned things against the software market so they didn’t have to worry about software knowledge to accomplish drm rights in their console. Smart move and probably the only move they had. Both Microsoft and Sony did what they had to do to survive. Sony knew if drm took, this would mess up a lot of their planned architect which could have resulted in a delay. Something Sony knew all too well they couldn’t afford to do again. Microsoft did things up front and honest. Sony on the other hand lied and made everyone think they had no plans for Drm when they did but just didn’t know how to get it into their software. Sony’s messages was that they weren’t going to allow “Their own First Party” use Drm. Well Drm for third party developer aren’t included in this. Sony used word play to fool the world and it work. Why? Because most people don’t know that the hardware companies don’t control if a developer wants drm on its title. Drm is a software only right concept. This has nothing to do with the hardware company not wanting to have it or not. If enough software companies used Drm then sony would have no power other than rejecting the title on their format. This would only make Xbox have more exclusives than they already have now. Yet another thing sony could not allow. So “honesty”for Microsoft killed them. The next issue was their choice to use esram. Something they felt was going to given the developer more control on how it was used and when it was used. But they didn’t know how to.They then added a slower but effective muti tasking DDR 3 memory for the multi task functions of kinect. They saw how successful the first kinect was and believed that this would again give them a different feel especially with all the voice commands. Microsoft could not use GDDR memory if they were to have kinect so this is why they didn’t use it. Sony again went on defense. They abandoned the motion control market and lied yet again about it as they showed it used in the original ps4 demo and claimed they had not abandoned the motion market . Well over a year later we don’t have motion games still. Sony knew that they couldn’t keep up with kinect so they focused on destroying the “importance levels” of motion and entertainment as function of a console. The public bought this hook line and sinker. Now, the console that can do multiple things and be better than the other console became a overall weaker console in the mind of gamers. All of sudden if you can do other things AND play games this meant your were weaker than the console that only could play games well. Yes the ps4 was the most powerful console created for playing games “only”, not even microsoft has said anything contrary. But the xbox one really truly had the most going for it and did it better than the ps4. Basically the ps4 overall is the weaker system, fact not opinion. Look at their network setup and security, look at the very basic UI compared to xbox one. But none of that matter after Sony’s campaign of Its a gaming machine” took. Despite even now, sony pushes for more entertainment add on for the ps4. Xbox one demise has been slowly pushing itself through its own veins. Attempt after attempt at price cuts, free games , more games, and nothing has worked. Even today we have better knowledge on the use of the games programing and developers still struggle with the esram which resulted in less frame rate or less resolution and sometimes both. Bottom line and truth is that with all that has happen to Microsoft, it has no way of ever making up ground. With all the new software modifiers done, killing of kinect, and new program lauguage Direct x12, the very best results they can ever hope for is to tie the current graphic levels out now on the ps4. They will never surpass Sony’s ps4 graphics capacity now, not ever. This is the truth, bottom line, no sugar. If you currently have a ps4 you will never have to worry about your game looking weaker than the xbox one going forward for this gen. Until there is another console race for the following generation, the question about who is the best in game graphics and looks is over and has been over for a bit. As a xbox one owner one can only accept this as the truth and move forward as being the best is not and should not be your goal for this console anymore. Getting good looking games, regardless of ps4’s version, should be.