Well, talks are starting to come out now. The xbox one is again making their presents known. E3 hype is starting to grow at great levels. As it stands ps4 has come out and confirmed that their strength this year in exclusives will be hurting. Microsoft sees and knows this and will be going at great lengths to capitalize off this much like ps4 did with its anti DRM attacks. Some have started believing that xbox one will turn this into a 180 in sales. I believe this to be absolutely ignorant. While I believe the States will be the one effected, worldwide ..Sony will not fail. One territory can’t make up for all the others controlled by Sony especially places like Europe. While I’m all in for competition, being foolish about the overall numbers vs one territory is ignorant. I personally can’t wait to see all the good stuff from both companies and would have to say more Microsoft than Sony this year. This is why I have both systems. But at the end of the day I am very honest with myself about the level of domination Sony has and what Microsoft could have after this. I also understand just how simple all of Microsoft’s hard work can be for nothing with just a few numbers quotes from Sony…”$349.99″. We xbox one users need not focus on numbers because this generation belongs to ps4 for that part. But this doesn’t mean Microsoft won’t create the best possible gaming they can for its fans, and that’s really all that matters. It’s a good time for gaming on Microsoft this year. Sony will have its moments too and next year will be big for them and Microsoft better hope they are prepared for next year too. They have already pulled back Quantum Break which I think was smart but something tells me more is going to be prepared and shown from Microsoft for next year and this year. Phil Spencer is just a smart guy and the real key to everything for Xbox one hopes in America.