Don’t know if you have heard the news but apparently there is yet another driving game coming out claiming that they are going to be the best. This time its a game called Assetta Corsa . They claim to have about 20 or more tracks with hundreds of the most exotic sport cars in world. They claim to be more realistic in physics and having the greatest most accurate representation of the real world racks ever put on console. Personally I’m not impressed yet. Maybe I will down the road but right now there is no other race game better the Project Cars for me. Which then brings me to my point that I believe when you look at the amount of racing games out, I believe we have added far to many. I mean Forza 6 still hasn’t come out yet and something tells me Project Cars might have their hands full with trying to keep that crown as the best driving game. That makes Driveclub, Project cars, Forza horizon,  Forza 6, The Crew , the new Need for Speed, Formula One,  and now Assetta Corsa for racing console games. For me it’s too many driving games in one year. It’s becoming overly saturated. I would rather see maybe 3 a year at most. But hey I might be alone in the way of thinking. More quality and less quantity should be our focus. Don’t get me wrong, I am going to love to see how microsoft will beat Project Cars with Forza 6 but at the same time I can wait til next year if they wanted to push it back. I actually would welcome it. But again this is just me. I can still understand Microsoft’s needs to push it this year so I can understand their need to push the exclusives. I just hope their aren’t pushing wasted energy they could use for reserves next year. They already have probably the best awaited game this year, Tomb raider coming this year so they have power behind their launch and Christmas holiday right now. Ps4 has major hits and products coming next year. So unless their strategy is to avoid ps4 2016 and hit them where they aren’t, 2015 ,then they better hope to have some major announcements for next year other than quantum break. Regardless neither of them should announce anymore driving games for a while in my opinion we have enough of them.