Look we have heard the rumors about the possible slim xbox one. This picture is probably the best looking version of what one could look like if it does come out. But even if it doesn’t come out we know that a new controller is coming with a better headphone jack. Above that and most important, we know Gears of War, Halo 5, Forza 6, and Tomb raider will be showed off at Microsoft’s conference. These are all their heavy hitters but what makes matters worst is that even more like them are coming to e3. Smite and Elite Dangerous are on their way. That dragon game Scalebound could make its appearance and last but not least is more footage from Quantum break. At the end of day Microsoft will kill e3 this year. Bad news is that it still won’t make them #1 in the mind share of the gamers worldwide. It won’t stop Sony from selling their system and it won’t prevent Sony’s machine from out performing the xbox one over the long haul. This is just facts people. Now, here in America you could see Microsoft finally take back it’s home but this will not be enough just to take back their home if they wanted to be #1 worldwide. No, this is a task they can’t ever succeed in. They just don’t have enough territories that want anything to do with them. Basically Europe is Sony’s, Japan is Sony’s, and in America Sony will still sell very high even if they do loose this territory to Microsoft on monthly sell numbers. Microsoft has lost its home territory 80% of this generation so far and hasn’t beat Sony in Europe or Japan, yet selling well in the States at least has helped give them 12+ million. So selling well in the States alone is enough for one to hold on to leads or keep them in sight of a lead but catching up require double the sales of another and that’s not going to happen. So unless people flat out stop buying Sony ps4 in America Microsoft can’t possible think they can turn this into a worldwide lead with home lead sales only. Not selling well in America will never happen for ps4. But at least competition is heating up and I am going to love seeing e3 this month. Whatever happens I win because I have both consoles:).