As a duel console owner like myself I have the privilege of not having the fanboy site that blinds people. Unfortunately sony” fanboys” (not ps4 owners, there is a difference)make me laugh and shake my head. Anyone that watched both e3 saw one company come out swinging, organized , and perfectly stunning. That company was Microsoft!  The other company stumbled all over themselves. They were sloppy with their delivery, they didn’t know what they were doing and were forcibly pushed to make a conference full of nothing. That company was Sony. 80% of the games they showed either wasn’t in sight of coming out or was merely a third party game ready to be delivered on Microsoft too. Sony’s prize game No man Sky is a flop waiting to happen. It’s boring, it poorly designed graphically and is being rushed . As of now they still don’t have a release date. This game isn’t ready and it showed. Basically the reality of this is that the public knows no more about this game than what was shown to them on the first introduction video last year. Sony even gave them only 3 rushed minutes to show the world all their hard work or lack there of. On top of this Sony opens up with a game demo of the Last Guardian. Possibly the ugliest next gen title I have seen made by a none indie game company. I mean this game looked bad last gen and it looks even worse now for this current gen. But yet sony and fanboy want you believe it’s something amazing, it’s not , it sucks. Then they continue to show game after game like Dream which sucks all over yet again. Basically 80%of all the games shown sucked and the biggest disappointment was Shemenu 3 funding request made in the middle of e3. What the heck where they thinking? E3 is not the place you beg for funding. I mean come on people the game isn’t even developed yet fanboys want to act like sony just announced the game. They didn’t. Nope, instead of sony just paying for the game to be made they ask you to pay for it. Pathetic!! Meanwhile Microsoft killed it. New console announced with better hard drive , new controllers, Tomb raider which looks unbelievable,  Gears remake announced this year , Mass effect release this year, next gen Gears shown which looks like a dream, backward free compatibility for your 360(not rented games charges from sony on games you already own), Recore, Halo 5 , Elite Dangerous released today, Forza 6, and the Beta of the Division playable on Xbox only Christmas 2015. Bottom line they absolutely destroyed Sony and anyone who say they didn’t is flat out in denial as a fanboy and needs serious help. E3 wasn’t even close. Microsoft even had the class to once again stream it to all their fans while Sony leaves it to you to find it somewhere online for yourself.