It sickens me to think about how many lies and misinformation is feed to us daily by media and fanboys. It’s like most of us don’t think logically for ourselves. At e3 Microsoft proves yet again that they are about innovation and games. Every single point made was strategic and directed towards the games and gamers. They showed off what is being done and what can be truly done, as always, while Sony continued it’s ploy to show hype, things that don’t even exist, or misleading info to give people the illusion that they actually showed up at e3 when in reality, they didn’t. They pieced together a bunch videos and title names without any real gameplay for most of the event  nor release dates for the majority. They even put a game on stage that hasn’t been funded to make yet and a ps2 graphic game that still hasn’t been finished in over 10 years but yet somehow in ps4 fanboys minds this means they won e3??? It’s a joke. Meanwhile microsoft shows off graphics in tomb raider that is as good  anything we have seen to date and better than anything we have played up to this point. How? Because microsoft is a true software mastermind. They understand that game graphics are based more on code than small differences in hardware specs. Over and over again, game after game microsoft system handle the so call weaker resolution and frame rate debate just as well as the ps4 in person. Yes, online ,on YouTube with pauses and zoom in’s you can find differences but these don’t exist while one is playing in person and if they do its nowhere the difference most perceive it to be. Microsoft also hit with franchise exclusives gameplay vids that proved yet again that it’s console can handle graphics very well and has some of the best seen out there.