Aren’t you guys tired, tired of lies told by either media, fanboys, manufacturers, and or the developers? Why haven’t we learned yet? No mater how many times company lies to us we believe the next thing they say all over again. No matter how many times we see for ourselves that the xbox one and ps4 aren’t really that different from each other in terms of power and graphics we yet believe resolution-gate stuff like mega pixels lies told by camera companies. No matter how many times its proven to be overblown, overrated, or flat out false we continue to bring it up with the next game because we allow it to become the issue of the moment when we fall for the bait. E3 showed yet again that the xbox one graphics are just as good as ps4 has not reached it limits. It’s time to move on from this and graduate to become mature gamers. Gamers with minds of their own are needed. Gamers who look at the facts not hype and lies. If you are playing ps4 and happy with it , fine be that for yourselves. If you like xbox one and are happy be that for yourselves. Both consoles are just boxes of wiring and boards. The games are truly what matters. I myself, prefer sport games, advance games of action, or fighting games. Games like Last Guardian and Dreams for me are just not anything that I would ever play. So sony’s announcement were very boring to me for the most part. No release dates not tangible gameplay, just titles and a cg trialer was mostly shown. Also, I’m not big on nostalgia games. I could care two buffalo nickels about Gears of war 3 remake, Heavy rain remakes, and or final fantasy 7 remakes. I played those and finished those, I don’t need to go back to previous gen games. I care about moving forward with great sequels or new IP’s. I didn’t buy a new gen console to play old last gen remakes. But hey, if that is what you want to do with your money, then go for it . It doesn’t make my way or your way the way for others. So for me only new games or new sequels will do for me, hence my opinion that xbox one won e3. They gave me more things that are important to me..more real gameplay, more real release dates, more real games that are actually in production, and best of all exclusives coming THIS year as well as next. You may be different and like what sony did or didn’t do and that perfectly fine, why fight about it? I’m never going to convince others of a different path if they are happy with their own path. For me and my friends unless the game is totally new gen and is action packed and or a sport game it’s not worth buying or playing. I can’t bring my friends over my house and say let’s play Last Guardian. They and I would be asleep and or looking at our phones after 5 minutes, I’m sorry. So my games represent action and next gen graphics and gameplay rolled together or great competition in sport games. You maybe different so your games will reflect a different kind of lineup. Who am I to tell you what to like for yourself. I can only go by what I like and you by what you like. So the next time you hit the forums maybe one should take that stance above all others.