Microsoft is greedy”. “All microsoft cares about is taken money from you”

Remember quotes like this? I sure do. The strangest thing about these quotes is that they only apply to people or companies Sony fanboy hate(not talking about people who just play ps4) but never themselves. It’s so funny how a company that sold more consoles for this generation faster than any other game console in history can’t seem to just be honest with people and money. Turns out Sony has been backing the Shemenu 3 game all along. But the funny thing about it is that they presented as a Kickstarter to rip off gamers who wanted this game. And rip off is what they did. They took you guys for over 2 million dollars! Sony excuse was to see what kind of interest was in the game. Umm, last I check… that requires a poll not my money. You are already going to make money off me buying the game so why do you need me to pay for the game development up front for a 1st party title? This is not a Indie title folks now it’s a 1st party exclusive game that sony has yet again taken money off of gamers to screw them over with lies as they misled people yet again fooling them into thinking that the game needed money to be made. I knew it was something bad in the works when Sony put a Kickstarter on stage at e3. I mean come on folks, you are talking about Sony and ps4 here. If you can’t afford to pay for your own 1st parry titles (which we know you can) or you act like you can’t when you knew all along you were going to pay for it to be made, then you dont deserve our trust. Why on earth would you request gamers pay for the exclusive, your exclusive? You fanboys for Sony are truly strange. How on earth can you set there and defend a company ripping you off under the badge of Kickstarters when it’s their own exclusive and funding responsibility in the first place? Its a joke and all Sony does is continue to treat people like crap the bigger they feel. I’m embarrassed to own a ps4 and to even be associated with them, I truly am. With each day it sickens me to see how dirty this company treats people and worse off is how blind fanboy justify it and support their actions yet point fingers at others. So let’s tally this up. They robbed me of $60, robbed another guy after sony site was hacked and hacker took $600 from the gamer and now they rob more gamers of about 2 million. All three accounts Sony’s pays nothing back to the victims yet Microsoft is the company that is money hungry. Makes zero sense to me, maybe it does to you. I think Sony should refund all that money back to gamers as we have paid enough to support it’s console. Honestly if it weren’t for Eve Valkerie and Grand turismo prospects I would pack up my ps4 right now and never return. That’s how sicking it is to watch this company do things like this and over and over again we as gamer continue to forgive and buy into thier lies having faith that they are going to be better but they never are.