I guess it never gets old to some but I am very tired of it. Xbox one backward compatibility was hit not seen and they did so masterfully that Sony was left shaking their heads. Not only does Sony coward out but the Sony media fanboys do too. First Sony claims it’s not important. Ok, then why did you put in on your system in the form of low quality streaming that you charged gamers to rent then sony? Notice also Sony hasn’t said two words about the success or lack their of on this service. Why? Because it was a joke. But yet “EA streaming service(that ran circles around Sonys) doesn’t provide value”. So Sony decides to speak for its gaming community. They didn’t speak for me I can promise you that. Now, fast forward to today as media fanboys try their best to find some way, shape or form, that Microsoft’s incredible software geniuses gift somehow makes things bad for Gamestop. Really guys? This is the best article you can come up with? Fear tactics! Somehow, allowing 360 game owners to play on the xbox one with any extra purchase or fee ,hence encouraging them to go out and buy a xbox one and then invest in the latest, more expensive software gaming on the market today is bad. This, instead of telling them not to convert over and buy another system or not tell gamers to rebuy a 15 buck game now is hurting Gamestop. You guys are a joke at how far you will reach to try and find something negative about Microsoft’s actions. Everything Microsoft has done is what is best for the industry and the future of games sold everywhere. They came up with a fair solution for gamers and a solutions that will encourage these same gamers on the side line to finally invest in a next generation console, hence also making it likely that they will buy more games for it. This in no way hurts Gamestop because Gamestop wants as many old generation owners converted to current generation as possible because the games, hardware, and accessories cost more therfore they can make more money faster. Microsoft showed Sony and the gaming world what it is meant by “taking care of the gamer” and the best thing Sony and their fanboys can come up with is this crap. You guys are really a joke. Once again, Sony and their fanboys find a way to make normal gamers feel sick to own or be associated with a ps4. Way to go Sony!