IGN recent posted their video comparison of Batman arkham knight.  To my surprise an overwhelming amount of people either total dismissed the video or flat out hated the thought that yet another comparison video was posted. Most responses were based on the fact that they understood people see what they want and or what difference there was couldn’t be seen by your eye while playing the game. Even though I am the first to admit that comparison videos are most of the time false as they never show the truth, only a slated view, I am surprised though that many people felt sick and tired of sites posting videos like this. Even more surprised that they believe the videos to be worthless. Way to go people! Finally more and more people starting to think for themselves. I can’t tell you how many comparison videos I have seen on the Internet and yet when I got home, what I played on my screen, wasn’t shown the way the videos showed them to be. There is just too many issues that come in play. What kind of tv, cable length, picture settings, and or monitor you are uses to play this game. For me it’s going to be my Asus monitor
(Xamot)and I can tell you it will kill any tv out there in graphics for gaming. So I already know what is shown here won’t be what I see on my monitor because my monitor will play it much better. So in the end you can take some solace in the fact that we still can grow up from assumptions and media hype ups.