For as long as I can remember I have supported both formats. I found joy in both and having both for while. The ps4, the most powerful hardware for gaming  on the planet and xbox one the best all around total complete system on the planet. Over time the two systems grew different from their orginal launch. The xbox one grew smarter and more precise in its direction and ps4 slowly turned into the playstation 3 people we remembered and hoped would never return. The bigger their lead grew the worse they responded to fans, the worse they acted toward their mistakes, and ultimately pushed more and more hype over truth. They canceled exclusive after exclusive. They lied..misled and robbed gamers. They continue to be lazy about network security even though we pay them for it now. Yet fanboys still shout their name. For me personally,  the lost of Morpheus and Eve Valkyrie( because I am not going to physically be able to do what is required for Morpheus design) was too great of a lost to be added on top of all this(as I mentioned on my previous article).

  Meanwhile Microsoft and Phil Spencer continued to listen to me as a gamer, continued to nail software tweaks, add ons, graphics upgrades, created better buys for your buck packages,  continued to secure their network, signed new and exciting exclusives, and added a 1tb system for the cost of a standard 500gb ps4 and yet still add a game of your choice for free. They also found a way to add backward compatibility at no extra cost for the games you already own, all while working on a New OS and new controllers for all of us. The choice I make is not about how many consoles are being sold it’s about me and my needs, not anyone else’s. For me Microsoft is the best fit for my gaming needs while the ps4 has just become too complacent in its direction and support and has returned back to who they truly are now that they lead. So I will be boxing and selling my ps4 very soon effectively making the xbox one my only choice for gaming. The combination of Phil Spencer and Xbox one is just too great to ignore for me. It’s the format I have always played more on and it’s really overdue to make this change. I was so scared to loose Morpheus and Eve Valkyrie that I kept pushing to keep the ps4. Now that I know I can never use it without getting dizzy and or sick thanks to the amount of neck twisting that is required to use it, it really doesn’t make sense to continue this relationship. Happy trails ps4. As always I will still write about anything of note for the ps4 when it is presented but this is the conclusion of things for this console and me. I gave it another chance and now I have nothing further left for the system that interest me. Plus buying for two system is like buying gifts for two girlfriends. I save a lot more money with one. Talk soon everybody…Xbox one!