So many years and so many tvs I have wasted money on. All of it was a waste when I look back on things now that I have my amazing Monitor. The colors and clarity by even the default settings you see here beat any tv out there. My screen now after the calibration are much better than even this, which really puts things to shame when comparing it to tvs. The thing I can’t put my finger on is who to give credit to. Is it the monitor only or are these graphics what the developers wanted and saw in the first place being that they use monitors? After a lot of thought I’m thinking it’s both. The monitor is surely needed to allow you to see what the vision was from the developers in the first place. Then the software is needed to allow the monitor to be able to show off greatness. Its like a f1 driver and car. You can put all the work in the car but if the driver can’t drive, the car doesn’t win. Likewise the same goes for the driver who can drive but without the needed funding into the car and it’s upgrade you won’t be able to keep up to show your driving skills. I personally just can’t believe that I nailed this monitor over all the ones out there. Yes, there are more expensive monitors that can do a lot more things than mine can but they are useless things that can’t be applied to my setup as a console. For one there is no way to use a monitor to push anything faster than 60hz for a console because it uses hdmi. Unlike tvs, monitors don’t simulate 120hz or 144hz falsely. They actually play in them but it requires duel link dvi’s and a powerful graphic card found on Pc’s. So every monitor that does this is basically a waste of money for console owners. Another thing monitors do is play in 3d and or 4k. Once again, waste of time because gaming for consoles can’t play in 4k and 3d is dead for consoles so most games don’t have it.  So remove all those monitors and what you have left is 60hz monitors with MS response times,clarity, with contrast and color as your driving point. This will allow you to see a very wide range of low cost monitors once you blow away the hyped up features that you can’t ever use on a console if you buying it for such. Of them all this Asus ve278h is one of the best you can find. I started to go with the commercialized brand Benq because it’s always shown in tournaments but what I found is that they are more expensive for less specs compares to Asus. They do however have 1ms response times for the most part compared to the 2ms versions of the Asus. Don’t get me wrong, you find 2ms on Benq and 1ms montiors on Asus but they either normally come in features that cost you more but you can’t use them with consoles. So the difference of 1ms vs 2ms was thought about for Benq but when I saw the higher contrast and better color reproduction on the Asus for less I knew I had to get it. So do yourself a favor and don’t get caught up in brand used for tournaments and look for the brand that is best used by your setup and choice of format.


My settings for the monitor for those interested-

Contrast -80
Color temp- user (r-99 , g-98, b-87)
Skin- reddish
Smart view -off

Aspect- full