Hello games have created the first old school sci-fi game. This is the key , old school “sci-fi game”. That means it has surrounded the game into old school space exploration with “some” elements of generic dog fighting in space at times and generic firing of threats at times on different planets. For most people who are use to excitement of a great storyline or any kind of story like a  RPG and or the heart pounding action of a FPS this game isn’t for you. In fact those of us into those games might just find No man’s sky really ,really boring after the first 1 hour or so of the same scenarios being played out with different skins on them. Basically what you are going to get is generic gameplay on top of different skins. So instead of the tree being green, this time it will be red , instead of the fish being purple with a tail it will have no tail and red. Random skins placed on the generic AI. This includes the planets, weapons and ships. This not a bad thing if this is what you like. But if you are thinking that this game is the next Mass Effect open world it’s not. In fact there is no story line pretty much. The graphics even are very basic with only bright colors to bring about the illusion of beauty. Technically speaking it’s a very rushed title still. The only thing technically they did will get old fast because it’s looping patterns of different items placed into the same AI loop. In others words the goat that ran into you will be a same AI used for a different animal in the same plain of ground only this time it will have a tail or a horn but it will do the exact thing over and over. You don’t even see your body, not your hands, feet, not even hear a voice. You remember the very old first person shooters in the past where all you saw is a moving point of view? No talking to people as your so call enemy on planets are just robots that patrol plants to make sure you don’t do anything wrong and if you do then they attack you in waves, and again… the exact same way and pattern they did on the previous planet. Personally, I see another 1886 failure but for ps4 fans that need something to look forward to this year (if it doesn’t get pushed back that is) that will seem like blasphemy. If this game was exclusive to xbox one and on top of this, advertised as poorly as it has with Sony, ps4 fanboys wouldn’t stop making fun of this game and would declare it boring. But as always very basic things become great to fanboys and great things become generic when they see them elsewhere. Overall No man’s sky will not be what most assume it to be and it will become boring very fast to anyone but old school sci-fi fans.To its credit this is what the developers goal was all along and it was told to be that way. So if Ps4 fans aren’t happy with the game even though they buy it then they have to blame themselves because the developers have ID’d what the game is about for more than a year. But it will still happen, trust me.