To nobody’s surprise but the Sony fanboys Xbox and Microsoft get mad respect from not just gamers but developers now too for their backward compatibility. Ubisoft has come out a praised microsoft for the amazing effort and knowledge to pull of such a feet. Microsoft software tweak allowing the xbox one to be able to get backward compatibility with 360 games was a huge move. It also showed once again that microsoft is at the front of all things software. They know what they are doing with programing and tweaks for their console. Sony on the other hand has no idea how Microsoft did what they couldn’t and continues to suffer from lack of knowledge about their network which just recovered for yet another attack recently. Microsoft prepares for even more pushes as their new OS is to be released in winter for the xbox one also which will make it faster and more streamlined. The ps4 has nowhere near the advancements present in the xbox one setup much less any answers for what is to come. Will xbox rule the world of gaming? Never, but they will be the best all around system with the best game lineup and best value system on the market reguardless of how many they sell vs ps4.