I feel sorry for Playstation players. I really do. I was once like all of you until I finally boxed up the ps4 for good. I have had enough of their lies, the cheats, and their stealing.  So when I see petitions like this it reminds me again why I left. The interesting thing that I can’t wrap my head around is how all this is playing out. Basically playstation fans are petitioning for Sony to do something they already promised when playstation 4 hit and people started paying for networking. Here’s the interview when they committed on it…

So fast forward some almost 2 years later and we still have no more better protection of network today. So where is the money going? Probably the same place my money went when they charged me double for a single game I purchased from them or when I got charged for a download game that never downloaded because they had corrupt servers issues and put the file on their site corrupted and broken. Or how about the same place 2 million dollars went into a game for Kickstarter that Sony should have paid for themselves as it is a exclusive. Where is said place? Sony’s pocket. Gamers are being taken, lied too, and feed hype that they buy into and put Sony on a throne while making excuses for them. It’s pathetic really. It’s like watching a guy get cheated on by his wife over and over again in his face but he acts like he doesn’t see it when everyone is pointing it out. If this was Microsoft you wouldn’t hear the last of it. Sony fanboys and media would be blowing up the Internet about how bad Microsoft is but because it’s their system they only start a petition for something no company should be asked for… and that’s for them to do their Job?!? I mean come on people why on earth would you support a company that lies as much as them and then on top of that support a company that you have to petition for them to do their Job and keep their word that they already swore to. Fans around the world have given to Sony 10x over in support why should you have to petition for Sony to just return that support by simply doing their job and keeping their word? Sony hasn’t once given back to their fans and their support. All they do is take, take , take and give minimum efforts in everything from e3 showings to updates on the console and yet people act like they have done something amazing(hence showing a demo of a game that was shown over ten years and looked like it did over 10 years ago and still have no release date, and yet they cheer..Pathetic!). Stop settling for half attempts,lies and broken promises guys. Stand for something and stop making excuses for them. It’s time they invest in you like you have invested in them. Greatness still awaits playstation fans because Sony is to incompetent to give it.