Ok this is not a full complete review. Owning a Xbox one and having EA subscription has its advantages during sport seasons for me and playing this game 5 days early is one of them. So first let’s talk about the positives. The overall graphics are better than they have been before thanks to the new Gen consoles. The game also has very good ball physics. I love the way it hits off the tee and how it responses to the ground and bounces. It’s the best ball physics I have seen in Golf games. Next thing up is the zero load time between holes once the match begins. I love being able to move on fluidly as I move this front and back 9s. The lighting mechanics are great with different times of days available for play. I also love, love the ability to be able to set up a cpu vs cpu finally. The previous golf games always makes you control at least one golfer. Sometimes I just want to watch(that’s what I said to her:). Last up is the sounds of the crowd and commentary. It’s very good, commentary is a little repetitive but most are. The crowd clasp, sounds, and reactions are the best I have heard in PGA games ever, they nailed this. Now what is the bad?  At the very basic start ..bad pop ins in graphics really stopped this game from looking as good as it could have. Watching faces morph as you scroll through golfers or grass pop in as flybys are done isn’t what you want to see from a New Gen console game. Last up is the biggest. It’s really missing key things like golfers and courses. When I say that I mean they have the bare minimal compared to the PGA games in the past. Basically they’re 12 in this game and 3 addition made up spoof profiles. Previous PGA game had over 20 .They also fall short of courses. The previous PGA games had over 30 while this game has again stops at the magical number 12. This is barebones guys. It seems the first PGA games was rushed and EA should have done way more than this in terms of variety. Now this won’t stop them from adding more courses and golfers on updates and DLC in the future but as it stands out the gate you are getting a very basic balls to the wall game. It’s a shame too because I think they would have had a great game on their hand if they put more time into making it bigger than the previous generation titles. So for Digitalcrack’s review we have to give this a 6 out of 10.