You have been there I’m sure. Subject matter is consoles or a game feature of console and just like rain with stormy skies are sure to come here they come, pc gamers with their criticism of consoles. They call themselves the “master race”, a subject titles created by white supremacist now commercialized into a accepted playful term to use on other things. Moving from the obvious now; the Pc gamers out there have to find a way to mention how they have the best version of the games or that their platform is the best. Funny thing about it is that nobody was even talking about them or inviting them into the conversation. It’s funny that even though they have a possibility of being better if they spend double on the their pc if not loads more and then get charged the exact same for games. The amount of money they spend to have so little difference isn’t even worth it. On top of this the game that’s made for pc aren’t the same type of games most console gamer are interested in. If I see one more world of warcraft game with different skins and branded a new game I think I might throw up. It’s like their isn’t any innovative games they play. They all look generic in one way when compared to another game. League of legends , war of warcraft, Diablo, etc, etc. All of them are pretty much the same and are played the same way. With consoles we get different games like Quatum break, Last of us, God of War, Gears of war, Heavy rain, Recore, MLB the Show,  and fighting games like Tekken, Mortal kombat, even Killer instinct. Above it all is the main factor that keyboards and mouse for controls suck compared to the controller. Good luck trying to get the best graphics out the games month to month or year to year without you having to spend $400-$500 more for yet another graphics card you just spent the same $500 on the year before but now you don’t have the best graphics for the game and need to respend yet again. Then don’t forget about the $100 or more you need to buy a new O/S just to be compatible yet again this year or the next. Then don’t forget the drivers and sound card and motherboard you need because you need another cpu or power supply. Pc gamers, all you do is bleed money, no thank you. I buy one console and I’m set for the life of the console for whatever game they release. I don’t have to worry about not getting the best version of my game for my console. If it’s on my console playing then it will play and look the same on my friends same console outside of the tv or monitor difference. The money I save can go toward my games and or montiors and or a new tv on top of the console for the amount I would save vs buying a pc especially one every other year just to keep up the highest graphics. You would think if they truly thought they were so much better they would spend more time playing than talking. It also makes me laugh to see most pc users still have a xbox one or ps4, but yet those are a waste according to them. Too funny.