With so many choices out there for gaming there is and always will be fanboys. Pc has them, xbox one, ps4, wii u and many others. We even have the new steam machines and ouya consoles. While people’s opinion vary on them there is no doubt that someone somewhere out there likes their system and can’t see anything but it. But this is the first mistake. Fanboys need to understand that their choices aren’t others. No matter how many other people share thier belief this doesn’t guarantee it to be the right one nor for everyone. At one time the majority of the planet thought the world was flat but was wrong. So the amount of people that share your belief doesn’t promise it to be correct. Next up is the fact that hype should never override common sense. Stop letting media, developers or console makers feed you lies blindly. Fanboys have the hardest time in the world doing this. They believe what’s posted without even verifying themselves against logical consideration. I can’t tell you how many people walked around 6 months after the launch of xbox one claiming that it had DRM. They heard it did one time and assumed it did and never read or researched it themselves. Next up is the trolling. I can’t tell you how many times people would ask a question about consoles and yet pc fanboys have to come in and down consoles comparing their pc to the console. Well the question was for consoles not pc so why bother putting anything down if you don’t like console period? Wouldn’t it make sense to stay in your own world and answer pc questions?? This also goes for consoles owners too. Ps4 fanboys spend a awful lot of time defended ps4 needlessly. It’s the fastestĀ  selling console of all time,right? What difference doesn’t it make if a person wants to buy a wii u or xbox one or talk about them this doesn’t take this fact away. This doesn’t hurt your console chances of survival. I swear I don’t know how many gamers spend their time in forums downing other consoles or games exclusive to them to make themselves feel better about paying for their console. Next up is retaliation of fanboys. Xbox one fanboy have this bad. If someone talks bad about the short comings, legit or not, xbox one fans reach back and try and pull every single thing they can justify the reason why they support their consoles over the ps4 or others. I myself am guilty of this in one way or another. But what does it matter? Will this ever make Sony or Pc gamers shut up? NO! So why bother responding? Lastly, is the assumption that whatever difference thier console has over another will be seen by them. This is the worst one. It’s so stupid that people can’t see or understand that whatever game you bring home will be shown by your console and your console alone. Even if yours did have flowers on the road while you drove and the other console didn’t those people won’t see this as you only have yours and that is all that will matter to you or them. They, unless they have both won’t ever see anything but a great looking game and most gamers won’t have time to pause the game to look for stupid differences like that.